1. The objective of this project was to create promotional materials for an international poster exhibition titled “Eco Art: Graphic Design for Change.” I designed a two-sided postcard, a poster and a slide to be use on LCD screens.

  1. This was a proposal for a billboard design, the obective of which was to express the influential history of the Oakland jazz scene on the development of several musical genres that emerged from that city in later years up to the present.

  1. Magazine spread, styled akin to that of Emigre magazine (now defunct).

  1. This proof of concept, in an self-promotional effort to obtain work, was submitted to an organization that provides business and marketing consulting to small, wider-Bay Area organic farms.

  1. The design project imagines that the African Union has developed to the point where there is economic integration robust as that of the European Union today, with a central bank organization, a currency that is an instrument of trade among member nations as well as one that can be exchanged on currency markets for U.S. Dollars and for Euro.

    The name for this imagined currency is the AfriKin, to express that all peoples of Africa, irrespective of tribal heritage, nationality, political affiliation, family relationships, ethnicity, or religion are kindred people.

    Each denomiation features a pattern adapted from traditional clothing from one of the member nations in the ribbon-like swirls across the currency notes.

  1. Designing with typeface is one of my favorite things. Words, of course, are expressive. The creative use of typeface makes for expressiveness of those expressive words -- you could say words as expressive to the second power.

    This poster design is about the wonderful and quirky Gill Sans sans-serif typeface.

  1. This brochure for Raising A Reader (RAR), a nonprofit for early childhood literacy, was designed to recruit implemenation partners for RAR programs. (One of the brochure's interior pages.)

  1. Trifold brochure for a national park. Cover page.

  1. Trifold brochure for a national park. Interior page.

  1. My take on the main menu screen for "The Shawshank Redemption" DVD. Just to make it a little more challenging, I used a photograph of a different prison than the one in the movie (and the original DVD packaging).

  1. This poster celebrates the 130th birth year of Russian abstract and constructivist artist Vladimir Tatlin. Akin to Leonardo Da Vinci, in addition to his fine art work as a painter and creator of bas relief, Tatlin was involved in the creation of a man-powered flying machine. The poster was invited to be displayed at the juried exhibition "Rebranding the Russian Avant-Garde " in 2016.

  1. The Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland" created entirely with type and glyphs.

  1. Taking inspiration from the latest PhotoshopCC launch splash screen, I decided to create my own variation. Desert salt flats were oceans in much earlier times of Earth. Imagine that, on one of these salt flats, a slice of the ocean never dried up, yet the evolution of the fishes and humanoids continued to the present day, and one last iceberg "refused" to melt. What a wild kayaking trip that would be!!

  1. Fantasy-Surrealism. A white winged horse with ambiguous direction of light (perhaps on a red-ish planet with dual suns?).

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