Design is communication. Design is messaging. Design is creating an environment. Design is sharing ideas.

Pat Willard Design Statement
I start with line and shape – which I refer to as “design structure” – adding texture and color in multiple layers. It is an esthetic based upon experience in fine art, looking at work in museums and galleries, as well as patronage of performing arts such as theatre and modern dance.

I strive to create attractive and compelling vehicles of communication for my clients, whether promotional or informational. I especially enjoy research-driven projects involving the development of concepts based upon historical, geographical, or cultural references; and then proceeding through detailed execution and final delivery.

Partners and Affiliates
Willard Fine Arts.com

About Pat Willard
Pat Willard is a graphic designer and fine art photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. His graphic design work has been exhibited and published in Northern California. His film-and-silver-print-based black and white photography has been exhibited in group and one-man shows nationwide, published in magazines, and is held in private and public collections.

For more information, please contact info@patwillarddesign.com