Pat Willard Design Statement
“I am an artist. I provide ideas.”
– Vladimir Tatlin, 20th Century Renaissance Man

Vladimir Tatlin was an artist, painter, and engineer. Like Leonardo da Vinci, in addition to painting, Tatlin conceived designs for machines, and architecture for buildings. Unlike Leonardo, Tatlin physically built and tested some of his engineering concepts.

Eric Gill, the creator of the Gill Sans typeface, began his career as a young artist. He became inspired to develop the Gill Sans typeface while assisting calligrapher Edward Johnston with Johnston’s font for the London Underground.

The work of Tatlin and Gill serve as inspiration to me. As a graphic designer, I provide ideas to my clients based upon their objectives. I strive to create attractive and compelling vehicles of communication for my clients, whether promotional or informational — because graphic design is about communication.

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About Pat Willard
Pat Willard is a graphic designer and fine art photographer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. His graphic design work has been exhibited and published in Northern California. His film-and-gelatin silver print-based black and white photography has been exhibited in group and one-man shows nationwide, published in magazines, and is held in private and public collections.

For more information, please contact info@patwillarddesign.com